Garmin does not support the Mac Operating system, NO POI Updater


Does anyone know how I can use the Garmin Updater for my Mac? I cannot upload POI's because I do not have the software.



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Tough situation you have there Mac.. Maybe you could use a friend or families PC to do your updates. I checked the Garmin site and found no mention of Mac support for the Nuvi 660 but did find one reference to another model that said it would be done in 2007.. Have you tried contacting Garmin?


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You may want to read this

If you run OS X this may interest you:
Garmin plans to support Mac OS X


Garmin Streetpilot i3, Streetpilot C580 and Nuvi 265WT

Garmin and OS X

Thanks raybonz, I guess that answers my question, appreciate your feed back and i will take your advise and load from a PC my brother-inlaw has.

great thanks



On some Garmin models, custom POIs are stored in a file named poi.gpi. You can transfer this file with any PC or Mac with a card reader. The problem is how to create a file in this format. Right now, it seems you need POI Loader to make the file. I haven't seen any documentation on the file format.


Contacted Garmin regarding there news breif on support for OS X

Thanks JM, i just fired off an email to Garmin asking if they have followed thru on there press stop in jan of this year indicating that they were going to support MAC in 2006.

i will let the discussion know what they say.


You could try this...

The Mac OS X (10.4.6 or later) now comes with a new feature that lets you load windows and run it like you were on a PC. It's called "Boot CAMP".

You will of course need a fairly new or recent Mac and OS X. and a valid Windows Install CD.

To find out more about "Boot CAMP", go here:

To find out more about MAC OSX, go here:

I work in a Mac heavy PC enviroment and we do both platforms, but not on the same box... YET!!!!

If I get a chance, I may try this in the near future, but it may be Spriong before I can give it a try...
Other projects, ya know!!!???) YIKES!!

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another option

That idea would work but it's rather expensive in my opinion. Is there a version Linux Live CD that would work with PPC? If there were you could run linux from the CD and not mess with the hard drive at all and perhaps run Linux with Wine and actually run the Garmin app for free. I have run Live CD Linux and it works pretty good uncompressing files on the fly and running in virtual memory. As long as you have a pretty fast cdrom it works pretty well including internet (at least with broadband connection). Here is a link with loads of LiveCD's you can download and burn: .


Garmin Streetpilot i3, Streetpilot C580 and Nuvi 265WT

Support for Garmin coming by end of year ??? for OS X Which Year

Ray, got a reply from Garmin regarding support for OS X,:

Thank you for contacting Garmin. I would be happy to help you with this. We had originally stated that we would offer Mac compatibility by the end of the year, however that has been updated to be later. I am including the link to our latest press release on this situation below for your convenience.

Still does not tell me anything, is Garmin owned my Microsoft, I Wonder!

I wrote a POI loader for the Mac

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Bill Gates' nightmare :-)

I run a Mac-only shop. When I bought my c320 I wasn't about to wait for Garmin to release Mac compatibility.

I went to eBay and paid $230 for a used Toshiba Portege 4010 with Windows XP Pro.

So, Mr Gates, you are reduced to being a peripheral to a Garmin. HA! smile

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Yep - you will need an

Yep - you will need an "Intel Mac"...

In fact I am using my Macbook Pro with Bootcamp now, in XP mode....

XP flies on a Mac LOL.... [conversely XP runs better/faster on my Mac than OSX does IMO - and certainly better supported as this thread indicates]...

In fact, though astronomers are very Mac-intensive, I slmost exclusively boot up in XP anymore. I am no Bill Gates fan, and I actually like Linux best, but Mac too a risk building bootcamp to woo PC users - in many cases, it seems to point out Mac weakness more than flexibility...

I think if you try Bootcamp you will be very happy. It takes some effort to set up.... but the world upens back up... including POI Loader, POI Editor etc etc....


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You can also use a program called Parallels to run Windows on an Intel Mac. I used a friend's PC to load the maps into my i3 when I first got it, but now I can do it myself. It works perfectly. Kind of an expensive option, but it gives you a lot of flexibility. With Parallels you can have OS X and XP running at the same time on the same computer. I don't need to use XP much, but it comes in handy for these little aps.

Oh, and before getting Parallels, I tried using Virtual PC on an older PPC Mac but it didn't work. Couldn't get the computer to see the GPS unit.

Good luck!



I use Parallels successfully on my MacBook to use the Garmin Windows software. The current beta supports USB2 and has worked perfectly.

Addendum: The C330 works perfectly but the C530 does not. Parallels is aware of the USB issue and promises a fix within the month.