Screen protector


Do you put screen protector on your GPS?
Does it make tiny bubbles?


That's why that's a bad idea (the screen protector). I tried that on my c340 and had no luck. I agree, the protector is not a necessity. When I first got my GPS, I tried placing a screen protector on it and as soon as I saw the bubbles protruding, I immediately removed it. I am very very careful with my unit especially since it's a new one just replaced as my last unit would no longer power on with the battery power so Garmin had me ship it back and provided me with a new one which I just received less than a week ago.

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I use a screen protector and

I use a screen protector and you just have to be careful when applying the screen to the Nuvi so that you are able to remove the bubbles if they occur. Most packages come with a tool to use to remove any bubbles..

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I've had aviation GPS's for years (portable) and with minimal care have never scratched the screen. I used to use screen protectors on my Palm and they were a pain. No matter how transparent they claim to be they do degrade the experience. I saw that when I took the last one off my old Palm a few years ago. I've used Palms now for 2 years with nary a scratch or problem.

So that is why I'm not gonna put one of those things on my new Nuvi.

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so what happen if the screen

so what happen if the screen got scratched or something, is it replaceable?

I think it all depends

on how careful you know you are. Screens may be replaceable, but that often costs as much as a new unit.

I know I'm careful, I've tried screen protectors and I don't like them. To each their own. But if you know you are generally careful, I'm just here to say that they are not a necessity.

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I do not see the need to use a screen protector on my Nuvi.
When it's not in use I keep it in the nice case that it came with.

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That is the MOST important thing you can do

bdodds wrote:

When it's not in use I keep it in the nice case that it came with.

The screen shouldn't be stratch in the first place if you are using your finger and not a foreign object except for perhaps a good stylus (that is clean). I ALWAYS keep it in the case if I am not in the car. If I take it out, it goes into the case first, no exceptions!

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I agree

Keep my c530 in the case when not in the car. I don't really have concerns about scratching.

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I dont worry to much about scraches also. I have3 had many toys that I have owned and had no problems with any of them. In fact, I had to program a few PC that had touch screen systems that went on the internet and that was the least of our issues. Touch screens seem to hold very well and work well no matter what. Its what is inside the pc / GPS, etc. is what is the problems..

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It all depends on how you

It all depends on how you use your gps. Most of you on this board have gps units for cars. I have a 60CSx for hiking. I use it in the car just as much as on the trail.

I keep a screen protector on both of my gps units and both of them have been scratched and had to be replaced. Replacing the screen protector (invisible shield is the one I use) is very easy. I haven't had any trouble with bubbles. But then again, my screen is smaller than the ones most of you use.

My screen protectors have never been scratched in the car, just when they are being carried around hiking, geocaching, etc.

By the time it's well

By the time it's well scratched up, yours becomes so outdated anyway.