If you post a POI collection have some way to contact you for additions and corrections. Either have an email address tied to your user or start a topic with the same subject. I wanted to add to a recently added poi list but cannot contact the owner.

Contact POI Maintainer

If you go to the POI and up by the persons name there is a tab to contact them. If they have enabled it them you can send them updates that way. If not then send the ifo to MIss POI and she will contact the maintainer or update the info. Good luck and keep asking when you have questions.

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

That is the problem.

The maintainer has the contact option turned off. I don't think Ms POI should have to make updates or additions to someones submitted POIs.

Let me know what project

Let me know what project this is for and I will get it taken care of.

Miss POI