I too would like to thank ms poi and all of the contributors to this site. My wife got me this nuvi 255w for Christmas and just didn't know what to do. It was out of good fortune that I found your link at and came here. I'm glad I did. All my wife can say when I find and download a new poi is, "Well, I'm so glad you like your new "toy"." And by the way..... I'm #197341.

You are welcome, it is nice

You are welcome, it is nice to have you with us.

Miss POI

Another Thanks

I also received a GPS for Christmas and found this site through a search. Being a canuck I'm especially interested in the Tim Horton's POI's and the arenas to which I ferry my hockey playing child.

I look forward to figuring out how to program some POI's of my own. Perhaps for some Booster Juice stores, Canadian Subway restaurants and BMO atm's.

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enjoy and remember to have

enjoy and remember to have fun


I too would like to send thanks to the POI providers. I use them daily and will be using them again today on a short trip. Can't wait for my trip in March to Seatle to use the "Breweries" POI's.

best site ever!

best site ever!

I agree this site rocks!

I agree this site rocks! Thanks!


You can find all the information needed for your GPS here at this site. Enjoy, and ask all the questions that you need answered.

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Very Helpful Site

This site has been very helpful. I visit just about every day to see what new POI's pop up and check out the new threads. Lots of POI's, Red Light Camera files and tons of tips and tricks. I'm sure you get a lot of use out of your new GPSr.

Great Site

grin I would like to say Thanks to all that make this site a reality, and a joy!!



This site rocks. I have learned so much from this site and all the people that contribute here. People on this site are friendly and ready to help.

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Yes, the downloadable files kept here are a great resource!

Multiple GPS's

One of the best things about this site is that I can get information on multiple GPS units as I update my unit or help a relative get theirs set up. I tell anyone with any GPS to use this website.

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