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Maybe a one foot accuracy? mrgreen

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Probably not a big improvement for us lowly consumers...

The article talks about bringing more birds online, not keeping them as hot spares so much, and adjusting orbits to spread birds out in orbit and have more birds over particular spots on the globe (such as those ending in -stan) more of the time.

Anything under 2 meters for consumer equipment is superb. WAAS in many areas of the country already improves accuracy quite a bit.

The next big jumps come with the new birds (and new receivers for us) that add an additional frequency for improved accuracy. That's still a few years off.

Another possibility are receivers that combine Galileo (the EU system) with (Navstar) GPS. Those are also a few years off, but I'd expect them to hit the market as Galileo comes on line.

If you're dealing with stuff that isn't moving, such as in surveying and similar applications, you can already get solutions that give accuracies on the order of inches.

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The theory

so much for the chicken little theory circulating about this time last year.

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