how low would a 780 sell for


....before it's unavailable? I bought one for my parents for $178, it's now $169, and when I saw it in person, it's a nice unit for that price.

I've observed Denon avr receivers--start at $449, and one year later when the newer model is coming out, $199, but it disappears quickly, only to have the replacement model online for $549. Just wondering if anyone has observed the Nuvi cycle and what happens with its pricing.

btw I paid $299 for the 660!

good price!

good price!

Used GPS Units Have Fallen in Price

I top of the line GPS used to retain about 65% of its value after a year. Over the last 18 months, they only retain 38% of their value.

You also need

You also need t0 consider that the 780 is a discontinued model with a MSN traffic receiver that will go out of business in January 2012. Both of these issues will tend to drive the price down.

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