StreetPilot C330 humming after battery replacement


After many years of use, the battery in my StreetPilot c330 stopped taking a charge. After some research and disassembly, I found a battery that had the same voltage, albeit a slightly different amperage range, that would fit in my unit. I bought is for about $8 and set out to replace the battery. An electrical engineer friend of mine assisted in the operation and we neatly soldered in the new battery and re-assembled the unit.

The good news is that the battery charges fine and the unit works flawlessly on the battery alone.

The bad news is a constant high pitched hum/whine that the unit now emits.

What is more interesting is that looking at the unit from the front, or any individual side, you cannot hear the whine. Look at it from a skewed angle (as in your normal driving position) or place it near one ear, and the noise is loud and annoying.

So.. any ideas what can be done to stop this whine?? Has anyone experienced the same thing?

My parents had the same unit which was dropped and the screen cracked, so I took the battery out of it and placed it in my unit. Still whines.

Did I damage something? If so, can it be fixed? Or should I break down and buy a new Nuvi?


C330!!! Get a new one, that thing is a dinosaur.
I trashed my 330 over a year ago.

Go Cubbies!!!

c330 are fine units and do just as good as nuvi's

That was a empty answer by Fatboy, sometimes a stupid answer is just that. Sounds like a filter cap my have opened on the charging circuit. Does the whine pitch alter with change in engine RPM?

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Easy there BillyBobDee

I knew that would get a fire going. LOL

Go Cubbies!!!


I agree, sounds like a bad cap. Never took a 330 apart so don't know how hard it would be. If you can get it apart maybe your EE friend could poke around a bit with a meter and find something.

On the subject of the C330, will get rid of mine the day it dies and I can't fix it. It does exactly what I bought it for and it is paid for.