Suggestions for FAQ on Garmin - Loading POI files with POI Loader"


Something like this would have cleared up several questions for me.

Add wording to Step 2:

“This folder can (but does not have to) contain other folders - like @Fast-Food, @Redlight-Cameras, @Shopping-Malls etc. These additional folders will become “Categories” in your “Custom POIs”. Note that these “Category” folders cannot also contain folders - ie., you cannot create sub-categories (see TIP below.) Naming your Category folders starting with @ will cause them to be at the top of the list of Categories and make them easier to find”

Add wording to Step 3:
In the bullet point “browse to the folder where you saved files in Step 2 (see TIP below)”, add the following:

“Note that this folder can contain one and only one “Level” of sub-folders, but this first level of sub-folders can contain multiple subfolders. These will become “Categories” in your “Custom POIs” (which will be found in “Where to?” > “Extras”)

Somewhere make a note that all of the POI files in your PC computer folder (or folder with one level of sub-folders) will "replace" everything in the "Custom POIs" on your Garmin.