The Vitamin Shoppe - U.S.



I am wanting to Extra_Poi_Editor to create a US Vitamin Shoppe file. I can go to their site and use the store locator and build a file but wanted to see if anyone had one of their own that I can merge into mine a shorten my look-up time. Please let me know.

i don't know if

I don't know if anyone has built a POI file for them, but I strongly recommend using Excel or a similar spreadsheet program to use as the input to EPE.

You can scrape the data from the site, paste it as text into Excel and then use functions to manipulate the data into separate columns. Load that into EPE and then have it do the bulk geocoding.

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Scraping to Excel

I thought about that. I've done Alabama, Arizona, and most of the way through California now...There may be a chance to do the rest and merge the two files. Vitamin Shoppe uses Mapquest on their site to "show" where the stores are, and some have not lined up with EPE, so I'll still need to scrub the data.

That's one of the features of EPE

You don't need to align anything with EPE. You tell EPE where the data is located in the source file and it assembles everything in the correct order. Just be certain you are consistent in the field order between states.

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Actual Lat/Long

I mean to say that the Lat/Long it finds isn't as accurate as I'd like, or what is represented on the company page. Mostly they are correct. I'm also adding Hours the store is open in the comments field. It does save time though using your method.


I tried to look at the html code on that site to see if I could find the lon/lat coordinates. I could not find them. The request to mapquest is encoded. It seems you will have to do it the hard way.


I actually just finished all 439 locations and will be uploading soon for Miss Poi to add to the Shopping section.

POI File out there

Here is the link to the POI file thanks to Miss POI.