GPX POI of RVDumps


HI there,

I have made a script that collects RV Dump location information from a very good site in my opinion, I want to take the data I collected and make a gpx file from it. CVS works ok but on my Garmin it puts the Location name and everything in bold and I really want it to look a bit better. From my read of some of the posts this is best done through the use of the GPX format.

I keep getting that error that says the gpx file blah blah blah is invalid.

Can anyone give me a sample Garmin gpx file that I might have a look at the format?


You can download Extra Poi

You can download Extra Poi Editor at . When you download the program if you get message about OCX file missing scroll down on the main page and under troubleshooting you will find the Extra Poi Editor Installer that you will need to download.

Download the csv file to Extra Poi Editor and save as a gpx file.You can also make your own gpx files with this program plus a lot of other goodies you can do.

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Thanks very much. I am about

Thanks very much. I am about to try it out. What I really want is for my application to generate a gpx file directly. This should really help me figure it out.



Read this

Nice link, it looks straight

Nice link, it looks straight forward enough.

Alas is down right now, arrgh. (The site my script scrapes).

So I will have to wait to try out my new code.

Thanks turbocc.