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I have a garmin Nuvi 760, and I loaded quite a few POI's onto it earlier this year.

One of the files I loaded was for speed warnings to appear on the unit. Now, when I pass a certain part of I-87 in New York, the speed warning "gong" goes off, but the red speed alert listed at the top of the screen says "8MPH", not 55 like I assume it should.

I seem to remember reading on this forum once that there was a way to correct the speed. Can anyone help me out, or do i need to just delete this POI from the unit?

Thanks much!

Garmin Nuvi 465T

Speed Camera @55

POI Loader help file says,
"Speed information can be included in the file name or in the names of individual POIs within the file.

POI Loader determines speed information based on the following information, listed from highest to lowest priority:

Speed information included in the name of the individual Custom POI. For example, a POI named "SpeedZone@30" will have an alert speed of 30 regardless of the speed information specified in Manual mode or in the file name.

Speed information entered in Manual mode.

Speed information included in the file name. POI Loader interprets any numbers in the file name as speed information."

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also check

Check the file names as well. You probably have that speed warning in a file with the number 8 as part of the name.

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In my experience it will bong for any camera, but turn red if I'm speeding - either way I want to know and if it is red, that doesn't personally bother me.

But you've just got speed limits . . . to force the right value, put '@55' into the name of the POI to force the issue - saying 'exit 8' will override the file defaults, but '@55', will override the name (and the '@55" will not appear in the POI's alert text).

You say that the NAME says 8 mph - that doesn't mean that the alert is set to 8 mph, just that the text in in the POI descriptor. If you have a speed designator as I've described, it should override the text (which may read someting like 'Speed change at exit 8', no?

Check the actual descriptor text to see just what it is that is entered;

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Thanks everybody. The files

Thanks everybody. The files that I have for speed warnings are listed as "SpeedZones.gpi" and "Speed_55.csv".

Does that help?

I don't know which file has the "8MPH" zone listed in it, and don't know how to access it.

Yes, as you've guessed, I'm a relative "newbie' when it comes to really getting into the workings of the GPS units and POI's.

Garmin Nuvi 465T

A while back

One of the users who is very good at Excel posted the following to formula strings for the speed camera files.

To use them, you insert a column between columns C & D of the CSV and paste in the correct formula. It will search Column C for either KM/H or MPH and put an @ in front of the listed speed. When you have pasted the function to all rows, you must copy the contents and then do a Paste Special - Values. You then delete Column C.



In the middle of each of these two functions is the digit 5. This is the value that gets added to the listed speed. Changing this will change the speed at which you go from a normal alert to an urgent or repeating alert. (It also changes the background color to red on some units.)

I wish I could remember who posted the functions originally, they do deserve a BIG thank you from everyone.

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