Windows 7 or stay with XP?


Will all of my XP programs and hardware work with the new OS or will i have to update the drivers?

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While it is true there are bugs with Win7, you can't really compare it with an Operating System that has been on the market for more than 8 years. It has had 3 major service packs and countless updates and hotfixes. XP is still very susceptible to malware/spyware/trojans (more so than a properly configured Windows 7 system). There may be some growing pains but in my opinion, they are absolutely worth it considering the performance and security increases. EVERY new OS goes through the same thing. I will throw my vote in for an upgrade to Win7. I've been running it in some form or another for over a year without much of a problem at all.

Pros and Cons

As with everything, there are always pros and cons. We have 2 computers with XP (one professional), 1 Vista, one with Unix based server OS, and a new Windows 7 Professional. One advantage of Win 7 is some versions include programs that used to be third party software, namely Partitioning and Backup. Although useful, both are limited in what they can do (compared to third party products).

Nearly all software will have bugs; but Windows 7 is different in that Microsoft 'beta tested' it BEFORE putting it on the market. Theoretically, it should run smoother.

Until I get past the learning curve, I still go for the XP computer to get something done fast. Some versions of Windows 7 offer running Virtual XP in a window.

And then there's 32-bit vs 64-bit ... more pros and cons.


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Windows 7

Microsoft did something right this time. Windows 7 installs and works as smooth as glass. No problems at all. Makes Vista look like a disaster. I have the Windows 7 Professional version so that I can use the embedded Windows XP virtual machine. It's great!

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I might up-date to 7

I might up-date to 7 someday- but I will wait for a few months and see if they have the bugs worked out. I finally turned off the automatic up-dates on my Vista because it seemed like it was downloading new software several times a week. I now do it manually every couple weeks.

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couldn't if I wanted

My pc's are all too archaic to even think about running Win7! And when I can finally afford to get a new system, I'll probably get a Mac.

I'll upgrade to Win 7

I'll upgrade to Win 7 kicking and screaming.

I beta tested W7 and while it was okay, there were some real problems.

I had dynamic IP addresses get stuck on W7 and couldn't resolve them unless I manually assigned the IP addresses (yuck).

I couldn't connect to my Samba file server (double yuck).

And there are quite a few shortcuts of how you work with files that does not work in W7 (triple yuck).

With new machines I'll have to take W7 as I have no choice, but with my other machines I'm sticking with XP.

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I have an XP box that runs 2 programs, and supports the windows-only software my wife needs to use. It's a production machine -- other than the second-tuesday updates, and automagic updates to AV software, nothing should be changing.

Since there's no upgrade-in-place for XP, my upgrade on this box will be a forklift upgrade -- upgrade the entire box, if and when it dies.

Not in any hurry to do that!

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Nice motherboard

tomkovacic wrote:

I put together a new system last week. Intel i-5 CPU with an Asus P7P55 PRO mobo. No problems with the Win 7 64bit installation and most programs.

2 of my old old programs, really for Win 95, don't work. And since the software company went out of business, I'm out of luck. All my XP programs work fine.

ASUS P7P55 PRO. Nice mainboard. I'd guess there's really a "D" on the end of the name. If you built a system around this board I'd suspect it's a pretty nice box all around. smile

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Stupid double post


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Upgraded from XP to Win7 on

Upgraded from XP to Win7 on my desk/lap, very happy.

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