GPX not uploading - file error?


I've got a Nuvi 255 and have successfully uploaded csv files using Garmin's POI tool (I'm on a Mac, btw) but when I try to upload GPX files I get an error that the folder I"m pointing to has no POI files.

I noticed that no matter how I try to download those files, too, they are xml files, not gpx.

Any pointers out there?


Look at this post and se if

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Not exactly

I had tried those options already. I was able to convert some of the files from gpx to csv using Garmin's editor here:

but several of the files wouldn't open there, either. Of course, those are the files I most wanted. smile


The XML issue is most likely a BROWSER issue with your internet browser. Not with the file itself.

If the GPX files are saving with an XML file extension, try simply changing the extension to GPX and see if that works.

Also, you might try downloading the files with different browser or a different browser version.