Map Update--help!!



I just got my Nuvi 765T out of the box, charged it up and updated the software.

Now, I checked the GPS and it says that I have 2010.10 loaded on it. So, I heard from previous posts that 2010.30 is available but I only get that one free update.

My first question, how do you guys know what the version is? I looked all over the MyGarmin site and I couldn't find version numbers on any of the maps.

Secondly, should I update from 2010.10 to 2010.30 or should I wait the 60 days in case something else comes out. How likely is that? I am going to CA with my GPS so it doesn't make sense to wait if it will be the same in 60 days, but if it might be updated...

Thanks for the help!


2010.30 has only been out a couple of weeks, so I would go ahead and update. After you register your Garmin online, you should see the map update offer on

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