Country Crossing - Dothan, AL


The Country Crossing entertainment complex officially opened at 3:00 PM on 1 December 2009. In Alabama, gambling is illegal as well as just about everything else, but it was finally worked out that the slot machines are bingo machines. Anyway, to read all about it, click on and check it out.

The location is South of Dothan, AL and just a few miles North of the Florida line on Hwy 231. Coordinates are as follows:


Anyplace except in Alabama, it is a casino with slot machines. In Alabama, it is bingo (slot) machines of the type that are being used at Victoryland in Shorter, AL and other locations in Alabama. I still haven't figured them out, but I play them like slot machines and don't worry about the bingo aspect of it. If I hit 4 of a kind, I get paid for 4 of a kind, etc. There are no table games because that is gambling and against the rules as for as the state of Alabama is concerned.

I suppose this could be added to the casino file. There will be a large RV park and several well known country singers are buying in. Lorrie Morgan, George Jones, Randy Owens (lead singer for Alabama), and several others. The internet site explains it all, but if you still have questions, I will try to answer them.

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