I need some help please.


I have a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx with City Navigator NT North America and Trip & Waypoint Manager. I am using a Macbook Pro and downloaded Garmin POI Loader for Mac. I found Rest Areas Combined and clicked on CSV and it downloads to the Downloads file.

I connected my Garmin to my Mac and click on the Garmin POI Loader icon. I followed and it leads me to the download file. However, the item can not be clicked on in order to transfer to the Garmin.

What am I doing wrong and can anyone help me.

Thank you, Daler

Update 11/29/09
According to Garmin POI Loader it will retrieve CSV and GPX files and load them on to my GPS. I can get the CSV files to load but not GPX. Any help would be appreciated.

maybe try poi editor

try poi editor by turbocc and save your file as a gpx. it may not recognize the csv file.

Check the FAQ

The file needs to be in a folder. POILoader works with the contents of a specified folder, not the actual file itself.

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