Problem with Hawaiian addresses

dhsmith123 wrote:

We have a Tom Tom and it works, to an extent. The problem over here is the coverage maps are great and everything works fine, but the search on the Tom Tom. We have a large portion of the island set up with address like - 95-2863 Puukaa Street. The problem is the "-" between the numbers, and no leaving it out doesn't work on the Tom Tom.

The company is aware of the problem and have been promising a fix for 8 months.

Does anyone know if Tom Tom has fixed this problem with address entry? I just purchased an XL 335S and was trying to locate an address (44-350) in Kaneohe (Oahu) but could not enter the - in the house number. All of the house numbers ranges on the streets around Kaneohe are shown as 44,44 without the extra 3 digits while POIs seem to just dispay the street and cross-street. I will have to exchange for another brand if it hasn't been fixed.

My unit has Map North_America_P v835.2499

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