Fazoli's restaurants


I downloaded the Fazolis poi file on to my Garmin 255W, but when I do a search of local Fazolis near where I live here in Mich, all it pulls up is one in Joliet, IL? Any ideas why other closer locations to where I live are not showing up?


Other than the file being 18 months old being a possible reason. It is either that the location wasn't open at the time the file was posted or it was one of those locations that was not included.

Have you tried contacting the file maintainer to see if there will be an update? You could also volunteer to update and maintain the file.

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Thanks for the info, I think the file might be bad, because there are approximately 10 Fazoli's here in Michigan, but only pullsup the 1 in IL when I try to pullup the closest one to where I live. You are probably correct a re-build of the file is most likely necessary.