Google Maps Pedometer


A rather quick and easy way to generate GPX files from Google Maps can be found here. Once you install that bookmarklet in your tool bar you can then go to Google Maps and create a point from a search by typing in an address. Then click on the gmaptogpx bookmarklet and a GPX file content will be generated. Just copy and save that into a text file with a .gpx extension and you have a gpx that can be imported as a POI.

I even tried it with the GPS-Pedometer map for Google maps here and it created a series of waypoints in a gpx file. I have not tried loading them into my C340 yet but it sure looks promising. It did import successfully in my ExpertGPS software. Next I will try importing into Mapsource and finally loading on my Streetpilot.

Update........... I imported the route created with GPS Pedometer successfully into my C340. While not a true routing capability it does load each waypoint in as turn1, turn2, turn3 etc. I simply added the GPX file created from GPS Pedometer and GMaptogpx bookmarklet into my POI folder and used POI Loader to load the file as I would any other collection of POIs. Pretty neat!

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