Marinas enroute from top of Kentucky Lake to the South end?


Our vessel is at Green Turtle Bay. We are back in Canada.I'm trying to get some idea as to marinas along the way.We do about 8 miles,speed over ground,,therefore could do 80 miles a day if 10 hr. days are possible?

IS anyone able to direct me to such a list with mileage or distance between each Marina.
My wife will kiss me many times,in many places....IF I can assure her we'll be secure at a Marina,with showers and electricity and nearby restaurants etc.

I hope to make it to Mobile ,Alabama,before the middle of December.

Anyone able to get all those kisses?


WEB search is your friend.......

goulaigan wrote:

I hope to make it to Mobile ,Alabama,before the middle of December.

I know Ky Lake is LONG but I don't think it goes all the way to Mobile !!! shock

A quick search showed several possible sources for maps and lake info. Hopefully one of them will be good.

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Go to You can get a listing for each body of water and query by needs. Don't know about the TN end.