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I am considering a stand alone GPS and am looking for suggestions. It would be good to get something under $250. Thank you in advance for your information.

What are you looking

What are you looking for?

Lots of great Garmin / TomTom choices out there.

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Nuvi 1690

Go for the best, get a Nuvi 1690. That's what I am going to get as soon as the price gets down around $300.00

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Nuvi 255W

Garmin Nuvi 255W, low end, great unit, for under $200.

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Garmin 765t

I bought my Garmin 765t 3 months ago for $269 at Costco. I like it very much. Using software, I can add poi alerts, TourGuides, and use Mapsource to create routes the way I want to go. It has Bluetooth, which I didnt need, but it was a good buy at the time. The 755 I think is the same unit, but without Bluetooth. I have read reviews from some who hated the 765t, because of personal hardware issues. My screen sometimes opens up the wrong icon when touched, but that is a small problem compared to the great stuff it can do. They are guaranteed, but wanted to be fair that some have had issues with their units, but I really like my 765t!

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Nuvi 855 has the Garmin Nuvi 855 on sale for $217. I bought one at that price, and have been very happy with it. Unit does not have Bluetooth, but does have speech recognition, which I have found works quite well.


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another vote for ....

the nuvi 765t

been very happy with it for over a year now

nuvi 265wt

For about 250 you get lifetime traffic. Wide screen, bluetooth-good unit.

If it's new you're after I

If it's new you're after I was considering the 1350T for myself. Although the 265wt is about to get discontinued which means lots of places are discounting them out to move inventory out. has the 265wt for $170+tax with free ship to a nearby store. That's a pretty awesome price to me for one with lifetime traffic, widescreen and the new software implementation to pickup satellites faster than the older models.


I just picked up a "like new" Nuvi 750 with a bean bag mount included, for $105 on Ebay. I could not be happier with the purchase.

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755t is gr8

755t is gr8

XXL 540 S

Got my new TomTom from HSN 2 weeks ago - $227 including tax + shipping. Has a 5 inch screen, TTV, advanced lane guidance, IQ routes, map share and USA, CAN and MEX maps. wink


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I like my 755T. In addition to GPS with lifetime traffic, I've found I use the MPE player a lot.

I have another thread for recommendations on 855 vs 885T vs 1490T.


I have a Garmin 765T and love it. 4.3" , MP3 player , Bluetooth , FM transmitter. $150 Amazon refurbished with one yr warranty.
I just got a Tomtom 540 TM. 5" , Lifetime maps & traffic. No bluetooth or MP3. Great color resolution, good traffic.


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