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Time on Garmin c340 is off by 4 hours mysteriously. How do I set it to the correct time? User manual doesn't provide instruction. Can anyone teach me or do I have to call Garmin?

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4 hours is a little more

4 hours is a little more than the Daylight Savings problem we had before the latest update. Is your software current with the latest update? Go to the Garmin site and check if updates are available:

Also... you can do a "RESET" to factory default by (carefully) prying off the Gray faceplate on your c340 and pressing the 'reset' button.

Garmin c340

Adjust the clock to correct time

I did the update on daylight savings time a few days ago. It worked. I put the unit away. Today, I turned my c340 on and noticed the time was off by 4 hours and some change. Weird. Wow, didn't know there is a reset button behind the faceplate. After the reset, do I have to re-do all the software updates all over again?

Thanks Lokall.

No, you don't lose your

No, you don't lose your updates.

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It should reset to the

It should reset to the firmware you have (most recent version) since that is an overwrite of the existing software. You may lose any custom POI's you have but they should be backed up on your computer and you can reload then in a few minutes.

Garmin c340

Did your timezone somehow

Did your timezone somehow get set to the wrong zone?

No you won't lose your

No you won't lose your custom poi or anything else. If you updated the DST issue, then I agree with MM and that your time zone got changed somehow.

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Thanks, everyone

Thanks, everyone