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Black Friday: Target's ad full of bargains
Deals include a $250 GPS for $97, cheap DVDs and $3 appliances
Posted by Melinda Fulmer on Wednesday, November 11, 2009 2:29 PM
Looks like Black Friday shoppers can “expect more, pay less” at Target’s post-Turkey Day sale.

Target's leaked ad shows some great deals on $20 DVDs, such as Pixar’s Up for $13; Transformers and Madagascar 2 for $5.99; and The Dark Knight and Sex in the City for $3.99.

On Friday, while supplies last, you can get Chefmate small kitchen appliances for $3 – including a toaster, slow cooker, coffee maker and sandwich press.

In the electronics department, there’s a Tom Tom XL340s GPS for $97 (originally $249.99), as well as a 32” Westinghouse 720p LCD HDTV for $246 (regularly $429.99).

Tom Tom XL340 for $97

Nuvi 255W St. Louis, Missouri


Anything on Garmin?


Wow... $97 for the XL340s is a great deal.

Nuvi 1350T $179

LongAce wrote:

Anything on Garmin?

Nuvi 1350T @ $179

XL340S for 97 bucks I'll be

XL340S for 97 bucks I'll be at target at 230 AM on the 27th that's for sure. Never done the black Friday thing any tips.

Sounds like a great price

I wonder how many they will have at each store and if they will give rain checks.

Jim Garmin nuvi 660

I saw a pdf of the circular

I saw a pdf of the circular and it distinctly states no rain check I figure there won't be a ton according to a couple of market friends most retailers are coming in extremely lean this year