Mac POI with Kenwood DNX7140


Greetings, I recently purchased a Kenwood DNX7140. I have been trying to load POIs to the 7140 via an iMac but am unable to do so. The POI DVD works perfectly with my DNX5140 but will not load onto the 7140. I Keep getting a "Disc Error" message. Is there a different procedure for the 7140 vice the 5140? I talked with Kenwood and they say the procedures to load POIs on the 7140 are the same as the 5140. I don't believe them. Needless to say I am a bit frustrated. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Any luck here? I keep

Any luck here? I keep getting the disc read error??!!

Loading POI's

I load the csv files onto a usb stick with Garmin POI loader and always works for me.I have a Macbook Air
Hope this helps