Vehicle Routing for Vending business


I am trying to find the best way to run vending routes via gps. Might be wishful thinking to also be to update the records as they are completed on route. the closest online app i have found so far is but I can not pay 300 per month for the service.

Get a GPS

Then, create a new route i.e. Sales. Enter the addresses of the vending machines you service in the route. Click "Optimize", and it will route you efficiently to your stops.

As for the updating records, you'd have to do that manually.

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You can manually delete records ("points") during your routes. So you don't need any additional software. Just make sure to purchase a garmin which supports routes.

You can use trip planning software too

MS Streets and Trips will allow you to plan routes on the computer loading the stops in in any order. Tell it to optimize and it will create an optimized route between the first and last stops you enter. You can then save this as a GPX to download. The advantage is you can print the list so drivers can double check their route to be certain all stops are made.

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I agree with a_user, MSS&T

I agree with a_user, MSS&T works great for that funtction. I use it myself, periodically, for exactly that.