Can you add more than one gmapsupp.img file to an sd card?


I have tried unsuccessfully 4 or 5 times to add more than one img map file to a Garmin folder in an sd card. If I attempt to add a second one, it asks me if I want to copy and replace or copy and rename the second one with a (2) after it. That's the only options I have. I also tried creating a second folder called Garmin 2 and copying the img file into that folder but no success. The only map that shows up in my unit (885T) is the original .img map. So, I have had to use a different card for every map I want to add by coping and pasting to my sd card. Anyone know how to copy and paste more than one ggmapsupp.img file into the same sd card? If necessary, I guess I can live with just replacing the cards everytime I want to change maps. Thanks for any assistance. It's an 8 GB card so I hate to waste all that extra space that I could be adding more maps to the same unit.

I believe you can only have

I believe you can only have 1 Gmapsupp.img stored in SD card and another Gmapsupp.img stored in Nuvi internal memory. You may be able to combine those mapsets into 1 large Gmapsupp.img using GMapTool from
(use the tool at your own risk)

there's a way, but only 1 set will show up.

You can have different set maps in different folders on a SD card, but only one set will show up. To change it to another, you would have to rename the Garmin folder that would require a computer/device that have sd card reader...
for example:

North America map in the Garmin folder.
Europe map in EU folder.

If I want to use the Europe map, I would have to rename the Garmin folder to NA or something and rename the EU folder to Garmin.

I know it's inconvenient, but that's the only way I know of can store more than 1 map set on a SD card.

Yes you can

The sync from mapsource will always be gmapsupp.img so you need to rename the existing one to open up the slot.

For any PNA based Garmin unit:

gmapsupp.img (always the default name from mapsource)
gmapsup1.img (additional on SD card)
gmapprom.img (Garmin main memory)

For Garmin XT

all three can exist on the SD card.

I assume you have put the unlock code for the specific unit in mapsource prior to the transfer.

Edit: I just saw that previous posters provided inaccurate information. With the above naming system (hard coded by Garmin, the software will not respond to any other file name), all three maps will be loaded provided that you have the unlock code.



kyok wrote:

I know it's inconvenient, but that's the only way I know of can store more than 1 map set on a SD card.

It's a lot easier to swap the SD cards. You don't need a computer to change the file names.

If you want to do it your way, why bother creating different folders? Since I only have 1 SD card, I store all mapsets in my SD card \Garmin folder. Whichever mapset I want to use, I name it gmapsupp.img and leave the rest of the mapsets untouched (eg: name them blah1, blah2, blah3 etc). Garmin will ignore them.

I've also used GMapTool to combine 2 mapsets into a single gmapsupp.img file. Works fine.