Here's an idea... - keeping POIs in one place


I work with my POIs at home and at work (don't tell anyone). I use to put them on my flash drive and transport them back and forth. However, I often forgot which ones were the most recent, which folder had the 'new' POIs in it. Sometimes, I would overwrite and loose the ones that I downloaded.

So here is what have decided to do. Keep all Garmin/GPS related stuff in one place, my SD card. I will always have it (even if I forgot my flash drive at work, which I do often) and there aren't multiple copies which confuses the heck out me sometimes. I have tons of room, so I might as well use it up until POIs overtake it. Which I seriously doubt that it will anytime soon on a 2GB SD card.

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Or you can use something

Or you can use something like SuperFlexibleFileSync, that will help synchronize your files.