Has anyone installed a VSM mount to mount their GPS units?


I stumbled onto a youtube video that displayed a custom GPS mounting system called VSM G3:


The web page to order these type of mounts is:


The mounts they have listed are based on make and model of the car.

I was wondering if anyone has tried installing one of these type of mounts.

VSM Mount

Looks interesting. I would not be too keen to use the mount that requires the removal of any trim, but some of the adhesive mounts seem to offer good solutions.

Especially considering the ban on windshield mounting, in some states.

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VSM Mounts

I installed 2 on a 2004 F150. 1 for GPS and 1 for Sat radio. Fit nicely. No problems.


custom gps mount

Panavise also make a custom indash mount that`s a little cheaper.

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I like the idea but don't like having to drill into the dashboard.

Kuda USA

http://www.kudausa.com/ also has custom mounts for many cars, handling your car electronics.

I use two in my Mini, one for the GPS and one for the ham radio gear.

The Kuda mounts aren't cheap, but they are well made, easy to install, and look good.

On the Mini, the Kuda mount I use for the Nuvi suggests you partially disassemble the interior of the car to install it. The alternative installation instructions developed by a group of Mini fanatics have you use a spreader tool (such as an expired credit card) to open up a seam and snap the mount into place.

I used the alternative installation approach!

So when you look at one of these custom mounts, and a set of invasive-looking installation instructions, check on the web to see if the fanatics who drive cars like yours have a better way!

The other thing to remember is that for all the pain involved, you only need to do it *once*, and then it looks great from then on.

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Interesting Mounts

Interesting. I never knew they sell GPS mounts like these. Thanks.


I've used these mounts in the past, company provided. They work well, and as the name says ProFit to the dash.

The flip side, I think the mounts are too expensive for all they are made of.

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Custom mounts.

Glad I could spread the word. I looked over most of the forums here and never saw anything like these listed.

VSM mounts

Thanks for the info of your installs. My problem is they don't list the year of my car on the web page. I have a 2004 Focus and their listing starts at a 2005 Focus. I am not sure what the differences are in a 2004 and 2005. May have to try and check at the dealer.


I wouldn't mind the drilling if it was somewhere that couldn't be seen. That way if I sell the car it could be removed without any noticable screw holes exposed.

I installed the G3 unit in a

I installed the G3 unit in a 2008 Toyota RAV4. Took about 5 minutes and went in as advertised. The black knob and about 3/4" of the stem are all that shows. Kind of looks like a vent lever. My Garmin 255W attached right on it. Very little or no vibration. I'm satisfied with it. No screws show as the left trim piece snapped right back on. Glad I bought the little trim removal tool as it definately kept me from scarring the trim piece.

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VSM G3, looks like a hit. Going to order two.

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