Garmin 850 Price alert


From Amazon today for $164.99 with free shipping if you are willing to wait a few days until it ships.

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Garmin 850 Price alert

Any one know if Amazon carries a price guarantee on their items?

I just bought the 850 for a trip I just took. I paid $199.99, plus taxes and shipping.

price guarantee

I think there is a 30 day price guarantee. I used It once on a yamaha receiver I got at amazon.

They're already all gone.

They're already all gone.


I was able to get one smile

Expecting good pricing at Thanksgiving

Saw the amazon special, but was out of the country and didn't try to order it. I'm expecting great pricing for Thankgiving, though.

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Is that new or used?

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Black Friday

Black Friday is a comming.
If you can hold off buying until then, the best prices will be advertised.

News reports a Christmas buying season that will be flat for a unprecedented second time in a row. Making for excellent shopping for all that can afford it.

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Christmas Season

The whole Christmas shopping season should be very interesting as I see prices on all electornic toys dropping. It will be a great time for those who have been putting off buy new toys.

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