nüvifone G60



This goes on sale October 4,2009. There is nothing on the AT&T website when I login with my cell#. Does that mean it's only available in some areas?

I need a new phone sometime. Would this be a good one to augment my Zumo 550 on the bike? It doesn't look like it saves track logs or has the usual MapSource interface. Is this low-end GPS software?

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iPhone is the way to go

If you can afford the iPhone, that's a much better choice since it has multiple GPS options as well as tens of thousands of apps.

Garmin 885T

Not supposed to be available

Not supposed to be available until Oct. 4. Will probably show up then on the web site.

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i would be leary of getting

i would be leary of getting the first ones out , as with anything give them a revision or to to get the bugs worked out

Garmin Nüvifone G60

I tried one last night at an AT&T store in Apple Valley MN. They can't be sold until tomorrow, Sunday, October 4th, 2009, so that is probably why it isn't on the website yet.

These can now be viewed on the AT&T website.


Does anybody happen to know with AT&T, will these also start showing up right away in other stores that carry AT&T telephones, like Radio Shack and Best Buy, or are these likely to be at their own stores exclusively for a while?

At $549.99 No Commitment Pricing or $299.99 Price After Mail-in Rebate, this is the most expensive phone on AT&T right now.

TIP: If you can order this

TIP: If you can order this phone through the www.Costco.com ,AT&T site, you can get the Costco special pricing which gets you free activation and also a free accessory package.

G60 manual

I tried to download the user manual but my computer locked up after about 120kb of 140kb total. Has anyone successfully downloaded the whole thing?


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I agree with the iPhone

I agree with the iPhone comments. I love my Garmin, but I can't see how they're going to out-do Apple with a phone.


You may want to think twice before buying this phone. It didn't get a very good review from a neutral source http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2353741,00.asp

I lived and built homes in the Apple Valley area from 1968-1982

Jim1348 wrote:

I tried one last night at an AT&T store in Apple Valley MN.

I lived and built homes in the Apple Valley area from 1968-1982 and then moved to Tucson and haven't been back since.

I was hit with a bunch of memories of that area when I saw your post. Most likely I wouldn't recognize the area today.

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Think I will Keep My iPhone

After reading the review I think unless GPS is your only focus, you might want to look at other phones. If you must have it I agree that you should wait and give Garmin a chance to workout some of their usual quality control issues, it took 10 months, and 2 trips back to Olathe for my 765T to get right.

i don't think Garmin is

i don't think Garmin is looking to out-do the iPhone. these days everyone is go tied to their cellphone, putting a device like this in their rotation only makes sense for Garmin.

Not The way to go

I think this could do Garmin in, the review shows that it is overpriced, plus making some fuctions a monthly subscription and aimed at only one small segement of the market. They should have gone the way of Navigon and Tom Tom and created an app w/ a carkit that makes the GPS function independent of the cell system like TOM Tom

Nüvifone G60

I agree that it is overpriced. I also think that the two levels of connected services are a bad idea. Considering that their very own Garmin Mobile XT has: "...access to a wide range of Garmin Online™ services such as traffic, weather, gas prices and more. Receive real-time traffic information about upcoming traffic tie-ups and road construction and navigate around congestion. You can also get weather forecasts for your location or anywhere in the world and compare local gas prices when you travel with your phone. Garmin Online is accessed through your phone's wireless data service..." I think they would be well to reconsider that and either make all of them as "Included Connected Services" or possibly charge only for traffic. If you have access to the web anyway, you can simply use Fandango Mobile for movies and other pages for the other information. Granted, it simplifies things to integrate it. By the way, what happened to Google Local Search? Is it only gone from the US AT&T version, but present on units sold abroad?

The good thing about Garmin is they will make adjustments, if necessary. Back to the price issue, it would be fun to know what their margin of profit is on the G60. I suspect it is pretty high on this. I realize that they need to get a return on their investment, but that is pretty steep. To show my experience with Garmin pricing a while back, I recall when the Garmin Nuvi 500 cam out the MSRP was $499.99. I admired the device, but not for $499.99. Sure enough as the months went by the MSRP dropped to $299.99. I ended up buying it when the street price was down around $225 or so.

As far as the iPod car kits go, I know some of the iPod folks are complaining about the price of that, too. I think that their car kit is overpriced and the application is an additional cost, if I recall correctly. I think a lot of people are looking at the economics of it and saying that separate GPS is less expensive and may work better. Despite that, many people will buy these for the convenience of an all in one device. I think the upcoming holiday season will be interesting again this year. No doubt Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday will have some incredible deals. On the other hand, the economy is still pretty tough, so it is going to take some aggressive marketing to boost sales. I hope Garmin succeeds in their efforts with the Nuvifone.

The Nuvifone might also give us some insight on how successful the Nuvi 1690 with Garmin nüLink will be. It includes the first two years for free. It has the following services:

-Google Local Search

-Gas Prices


-Local Events

-Flight Status

-White Pages

-Real-time Traffic


-Movie Times

-Send to GPS



Granted, I am comparing a stand alone unit to a "smart" phone, but from a connected services perspective, the Nuvi 1690 seems to be hands down more feature rich. I can almost see some people thinking that they wouldn't spend $30 per month as an add on to their AT&T voice plan, plus $6 for premium services, but they might spring for an extra $6 on their 1690. I wonder how well the Tom Tom GO 740 LIVE is selling?

Does anybody recall that information from Hotels.com was available on some Garmin device or service? I don't ever recall reading much about it, so I am assuming that it was not very popular.

get a samsung i8910 or i8510

get a samsung i8910 or i8510 and garmin mobile XT. same functionality as the nuvifone with 64GB storage, 8.1 Mpx camera and symbian OS for doing everything you need from sharing your files over wifi/smb to playing divx videos.

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The iphone is smarter choice

The iphone is smarter choice compare to nuvifone.

0 Sold

I was in the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento yesterday and stopped by the AT&T Store and asked "How many Nuviphones they had sold". The answer "None" I then asked about iPhones since the 4th they said about 15 and pointed out that it would have been more but there is a Best Buy and a Apple Store in the Mall. So I walked over to Best Buy and asked them, they had sold 1 Nuviphone and were sold out of iPhones. This was a huge mistake on Garmins part.


No way would I even consider the nuvifone despite being a Garmin user going way back. It's too little for way too much & way too late. If I were even to consider a new phone at this time, I would be looking at the iPhone.

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Check out the video, I was

Check out the video, I was kind of disappointed in the review but worth watching. At one time I considered in getting one, but not now.

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Garmin Nüvifone G60 and Nüvifone M20

I have been reading posts here and elsewhere about the Garmin Nuvifone G60. I am just wondering what, if anything, Garmin can do to redeem themselves on this unit? I think waiving the monthly fee on the premium connected services would be a good start. Also, if they could add Google Local Search back in it might be helpful.

For those familiar with the Garmin Nuvifone M20, is it faring any better in the markets that it is in?


fancy stuff. Still on 350

fancy stuff. Still on 350 and Motorola i1000.

This is so sad. It would

This is so sad. It would have been a huge hit a few years ago.

Now it barely makes a splash. Truly tragic. sad

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