Planning a trip


Can you download a trip that I am planning on goggle maps from my computer to my 205W.


The nuvi 205W does not have the ability to store routes.

The best you can do is to create a series of Waypoints or Custom POIs and navigate to them in sequence manually.

The 205 does not support routes


Sorry to say but the 205 does not support routes. There are some workarounds you can use, but as to loading and storing a complete route - no can do.

You can create a "route" using a destination and via points. If you enter your destination for the day, you can then program in a route by selecting points along the route as a via point. Some people create the via points and store them as favorites allowing them quick access.

You would enter the end point you want to reach, then enter the closest point you want to travel via. When you approach the via point, you can then add the next point as a new via point.

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Planning a trip

DonT wrote:

Can you download a trip that I am planning on goggle maps from my computer to my 205W.

If you are using Google maps to plan your trip.You can sign in and create a map and put all your locations for you trip on it.Once all your locations are entered go to link located on right near top and click on it. Under paste link in email or im you will see the highlighted link right click mouse and save it.
Now go to site and paste in the url you copied where it says paste in your Google my maps url. Now click load my map.
You will have a choice to upload to garmin gps (will go to favorites) or download GPX. Select download GPX and save it on your computer.You now have a custom poi file that you can add to your main folder or subfolder.I do this for planning my trips.They will show based on the closest distance to you.Just go down the list from one location to the next.

You can use Extra Poi Loader and load the new file to it and make any needed changes or to add comments, alerts, etc.

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I use a 260W

and find the method described here


Page 3

- Sort of"

"The Recent Method"

to be very useful.


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