Red Light Camera Alerts


Please tell me! I downloaded the red-light cameras POI file to my C340 Garmin. I thought it would give me an alert when I was approaching (alert) a camera while driving but it doesn’t!!! It only let’s you select the light to drive to. Now WHY would I want to do THAT. I want to be alerted it’s in my path, not visit it and see if I like the camera or not.

Red Light Camera alerts

It does alert you to proximity. If you are using the beta version (2.4.0 of POI LOADER from Garmin, you can switch the software to MANUAL and select the distance for the file when loading. Instructions from POI LOADER follows:

To load POIs using Manual mode:
1. Turn on your Garmin GPS device and connect it to your PC. If you are using a card reader, connect it to your PC.
2. Open POI Loader and click Next.
3. Make sure the appropriate device appears in the Device field. If not, click Find Device. If you have multiple devices connected to your PC, select the device you want from the drop-down list.
4. Click Next.
5. Select the directory where the data files can be found. POI Loader detects all .csv and .gpx data files within that directory.
6. Select the appropriate units for distance and speed (Feet and MPH or Meters and KPH).
NOTE: POI Loader uses these units to interpret the data within the data files. If you select units that are different from the units used in the data files, your speed alerts will not be accurate.
7. Select Manual, then click Next.
8. If the file contains proximity alert points, check the appropriate box.
9. Choose your alert settings:
· To set a speed alert, click Alert when speed is greater than the Alert Speed and enter the speed at which you want to receive an alert.
· To set a proximity alert, click Alert when you get close to a point and enter the distance you want.
10. Click Next.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

default alert

For the benefit of other readers -- If you leave the file name unchanged ("Redlight-Cameras.csv"), POI Loader should automatically load the file with a default alert distance of 1320ft. If you change the file name, you may need to use manual mode as mkahn describes.

az002 -- If you select a camera from the list in your GPS, does the detailed info screen show "Alarm Range" or similar message indicating a distance alert is enabled?


Is the Garmin 330c

Is the Garmin 330c compatible for Red Light software?


Yes, the 330 will function just perfectly with the 1320 ft advance alerts specified by JM. Simply load and heed!

help first time to use garmin c320

I'm first time to use GPS, I don't know about that, so you guys have any file can share???

how about garmin c320 ???


I'm first time to use GPS, I don't know about that, so you guys have any file can share???