Cameras on the Niara Region


where to locate the red light cameras in the Niagara Region all the way to Toronto and can I download them on my system?

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I am a complete newbie with a Garmin Zumo 550 GPS unit and I too am interested in downloading POI's. However, at risk of sounding like a whiner, I find the process for doing anything with this GPS network or system is horrendous.
Here I am trying to do my first downloads and already I have hit two snaps. First, before I do anything, I need to "contribute" some money ($5). Why not simply say it is a fee for using the system and make it into a low cost annual subscription. However, this could be offset, letting users build credits for uploads that they give. I have gone to some Niagara Falls restaurants which arent even on the GPS network. Very surprising!
Secondly, the process to access and download should be a lot simpler than it is. After 2 hours of looking around, I still am not sure how to download these POIs, nor where there is a central catalogue for what is available. I am sure that eventually I will learn and then laugh at all my startup problems. Till then, I too am hunting for answers as this other person who seeks cameras on the Niagra Falls route.
Best of luck people !
Richard Szpin

miss poi is right

will edit out emotional outburst. =O


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Hi there Szpinner,

Welcome to the site. We’re still fairly new, and we always appreciate constructive feedback -- there is clearly a lot of room for improvement, and we appreciate your suggestions.

We have plans for a lot of improvements, and we’re dividing our time between making improvements and supporting what’s already in place. Jon and I are both working on the site every day, and we’ll eventually get through everything on the list smile

Let's all do our best to keep this a friendly and welcoming place.

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If you want to contribute and moan about it, go look for poi on the net, you will be able to find it, just a little more $$$, second of all I'm still new to this site and if you read and ask, instead of bitching, a lot of people will be glad to help you. Sorry if I was rude.


Miss Poi your diplomacy is

Miss Poi your diplomacy is outstanding. I suggest that we follow your suggestions and keep everything civil.


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Hey Miss POI, you are in the

Hey Miss POI, you are in the wrong place, You should be in Congress or the United Nations. Very well Said. I wish I had your mannors.


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