New Escort Radar Dectector with built-in SiRFstar III GPS chipset


I'm new to this board. I just bought a Mio P550 PDA/GPS. Actually looking for SpeedCam database...

But I ran into this post and just wanted to let you know that Escort has a new radar detector WITH GPS built in!!

Its called the Passport 9500i. The main difference of this new detector from the previous models is that it has GPS using the SiRFstar III chipset, voice warnings and $150 more than the older 8500 series, coming in at $450.

Its cool because it can memorize GPS locations of SpeedCams and known false radar locations and will/can warn you as you approach.

Right now, its only available for sale directly from Escort (the manufacturer) in order to control price. Eventually it will be available from their distributors and retail locations at reduced prices I assume.

Some dedicated GPS units can memorize SpeedCam loactions too, but cannot sense X,K,Ku and Laser radars. But in a sense, dedicated GPS units that can memorize GPS SpeedCam loactions can act as a "early warning" device to help avoid tickets.


more info

The Passport 9500i is not a GPS. It's a Radar detector. It will NOT navigate you. It does however incorporate the infamous SiRFstar III GPS chipset.

A first-of-its-kind radar and laser detector that uses GPS to track your vehicle's speed in real-time. It saves the locations and frequencies of false alarms, like automatic doors at supermarkets and garage openers, plus you can save the location of known speed traps. Internal microphone detects whether your convertible top is down or your stereo is blasting and raises the alert volume. It also has a new Voice Alert option for crystal clear communication of alerts and user controls.

But I think the really cool feature has got to be
the PASSPORT 9500i claims to put an end to false alarms. Its new GPS-powered TrueLock feature allows you to simply press the mute button a couple of times and never hear a radar-based automatic door opener or motion sensor again. Their design captures the GPS location coordinates and the exact frequency of the signal and stores them in memory. Once stored, TrueLock will reject these signals, but is intelligent enough to warn you of a new or different signal in that same location.


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