Garmin POI gpx files



Can someomne tell what is the difference between gpx and .csv file.

Can audio be uploaded to alert when a speed zone is coming or red light camera is coming?


Your garmin (if that is what

Your garmin (if that is what you have) internal POIs files are in the gpx format . However, it can accept csv files and will convert them into a useable file (.gpi) for your custom POIs.

I am still pretty new to this, but I believe that if you have an mp3 file by the same name as your POI file (in the same folder) that you can upload audio for alerts.

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garmin poi alerts

when i downloaded files for my c340 garmin, it gave me the option to do it maually or not. pick manual and then you can either choose to be alerted via a certain speed or distance. so far i haven't had the opportunity to test it though.

gpx file also have the

gpx file also have the ability to potential contain more information than csv files, for example, dialable phone numbers.