Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


Hello. Was browsing around the site and found an addition to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf POI file that's not included in the one listed on here. Here's the specs:

-117.921646 33.859324 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf "Fullerton 205 Orangefair Ave. Space 11A Fullerton CA 92832 (714) 447-4160"

Not sure about the format of the files posted on here, but is there a standard format? The Coffee Bean one only contains lat/long coordinates w/no address info so one wouldn't know what city they were looking at when looking for a location. Also, many locations are in Ralphs stores and there's no distinguishing which ones are and which ones aren't in Ralphs Supermarkets. I tried to contact the contributor about the file, but they disabled contact info. Member's name is Jassoma. Oh, and also the file is from 2006... that's like 3 years ago, no?

I have added that location

I have added that location to the file. Thanks for posting it.

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