Mapping Roads with Navteq and M.A.


They also put in a plug for Map Reporter

COTTAGE GROVE, Minn. - If you've ever used Mapquest, or plugged an address into your Garmin GPS unit, you've seen the work of Don and Amy. The two field analysts drive the highways, and the gravel roads way off the beaten path in the upper Midwest. They are digital mapmakers on the road for Navteq. M.A. Rosko takes us along to see how a new roundabout in Cottage Grove gets put on the map.

If you love to drive, this might be a great job

I wonder if they ever cross paths with the folks who drive around taking street level photos for Google Earth? No wonder there seems to be more traffic on the roads lately. grin

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Mapping Roads with Navteq and M.A.

I would have to watch the clip again to be certain, but I think they said that the team of two featured is responsible for the 5 state region. As rural as we are in Minnesota, they must have a number of similar teams for the remainder of the U.S. I suppose others teams cover other countries, etc.