Ticket camera photo contest


There is a website set up where users can upload the photo that they received on the violation from the ticket camera. Once a month, users vote on the best photo and then that person receives $200 to pay for the ticket. The website stays away from individual users opinions on cameras. At the present time, it is set up for Arizona, but they have a link where you can request a similar website be created for other locations.


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I think that if I received a speed/red-light camera ticket, the last thing I would do is post it on a website anyone can view. By doing that, you're proving to everyone that you actually received the ticket in the mail. It just doesn't seem like a very good idea.


Yeah, but if you were going to pay the ticket it doesn't matter.

I voted for Monkeyface. His is a truly original solution.

IMO if I were him I'd claim that several people shared the car and the mask and that there is no way to know who was driving when - and that's the state's problem.

But, I can see how his 'solution' will possibly result in a prohibition against wearing masks while driving.

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