And you thought red light cameras were bad...

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Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself

Nobody is monitoring you, the data is looked at by a computer data base, if no problem it is lost but if

If a hit comes up for a felony — say, the vehicle was reported stolen or is being driven by a homicide suspect — the information is transmitted instantaneously to police, who can "leap into action," said Police Chief Jeffrey Chen.

And you have a problem with that?
I got news for you, if you go through a toll booth you have been plate scanned for a while now.
Let me see who was it that said:
“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

If your one of the above mentioned I would worry, if not relax.

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No problem...

Never said I had a problem with was for information only...I drive through the area on a regular basis...

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CHP has cameras in some cars that continually run license plates

The Califoria Highway Patrol has systems that automatically pick out license plates and run checks on them. A single car can process several hundred license plates per hour.

Divorce lawyers have been known to

successfully subpoena information from automated toll booth equipment. You really don't think this could happen with this system?

I found the following on Mass Turnpike Authority's website regarding privacy.

"Exceptions. There is one exception to our privacy policy: We may release or use personally identifiable information in connection with legal proceedings, or contemplated legal proceedings, that directly relate to such information, or in response to a subpoena or court order specifically requesting such information.

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This type of plate scanning is not new,Feds been using this type of system for a fair while!

Similar to the Cal State

Similar to the Cal State Fullerton officers are doing...

Why wouldn't you want this?

If police officers can use technology to put dirt bags in jail why not? I can't stand traffic cams but this is a great tool for police. They can run through parking lots and check hundreds of cars for stolen, wants/warrants whereas running every plate manually would take hours.
They can be driving down the road and the system will trigger an alert when a suspect vehicle passes them.