Can a road be added with Mapshare?


I'm a Garmin Nuvi owner, but regretted my purchase choice after learning about Mapshare. A friend now has a Tom Tom (a choice he made on his own without my input) and in discussing it with him I'm told that he can't add a missing road. This is in conflict with my expectations of Mapshare, so I did some searching on the web and I'm getting conflicting information, so I thought that I would ask Tom Tom users here.

If a road can not be added then this would seem to severely limit the benefit of Mapshare. It still might be nice to block or remove a street (My Garmin unfortunately thinks two streets are connected near me that are not and tries to route traffic through someone's yard), but if Mapshare can't add a road then I really don't understand it's benefit, as most of my desire for it was focused on areas of new construction. It would seem so simple, drive a new road, let the GPS track it, then tell the GPS that the points it just tracked represent a new road. How could they leave this out?

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No additions

I have not found a way to add a new road. I have both Garmin and TomTom (TomTom for the wife) and have found advantages to each one. You can change the address of a POI if they moved which is a nice feature with the TomTom which uses mapshare and also get the latest in road closures which is also an advantage. But, mapshare is not designed to substitute for buying new maps which is where you get road additions. I'm certain TomTom does not want to discourage you from buying map updates, so they will not let mapshare do too much.

Discourage map updates or discourage sales?

Thanks for the information. I bought a lower end Garmin and I expect my next GPS will be lower end too. It just doesn't make sense to buy a map update for such a GPS when for almost the same price I can get a new GPS, with a new map, new battery, and new warranty, and any new features thrown in, and I still get to keep the old GPS. I had expected that my next GPS would be a Tom Tom, but this was because of my mistaken expectation that mapshare would really let me update the map manually. If I can't do that I expect I'll stick with Garmin, so rather than costing them the sale of a map update, this choice on their part costs them a sale of a GPS.

While being able to edit in a new road would be a fantastic feature, I really don't see it as a complete replacement for most people who want new and updated maps, as there would certainly be roads that would show up on a new map that one missed with mapshare. So this seems a poor marketing choice on Tom Tom's part.

Add a Street

I know that they want you to buy the latest maps, but they also need to get on the "stick" on new roads. I would think that being able to add a road to your map and share it if you wanted would keep all of their maps as current as possible.

We have a new river crossing in my area and neither the 830 or 835 maps show the six lane road and bridge!

New road

I like it when I find a road that is not on the map. It looks like I am 4 wheeling it cross-country. It also drives JILL crazy!

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Can a road be added with Mapshare

Hi all:
It has been quite a while since I've been here, too many things going on. I was scanning through some of the threads and saw this discussion and thought I'd like to put in my two cents.

In answer to the question about putting in a new street using Mapshare, I guess the answer is no (it takes more than Mapshare). However, new streets can be added when you connect your Tomtom to your computer and use Tomtom Home, here is how.

Once Tomtom Home opens up and the mapshare updates are done, click on "Done".

Scan through the next screen until you find "operate my Go" and click on it. That will allow you to work on your Tomtom through your computer.

Click on the Tomtom "screen" that's on the computer and find "Map Corrections".

Scan through that listing until you find "Missing Street", click on it.

Follow the prompts to add a new street. is the only glitch...once you add the street and the street name, it may or may not show up in your Go. I have added streets that showed up right away (and were shared with others when I updated via Mapshare)...and others that had to be sent to Tomtom (via Mapshare)for verification before they were shared through Mapshare for everyone to use (don't ask me why it did this). So yes you can add streets...but it takes more than mapshare to do the job.

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Adding Streets

I followed the TT mapshare process to add a street and it still hasn't shown up yet and I have my mapshare set to take all changes????