GPS & non-GPS Software that complements your GPS units


I thought it would be useful to have a thread listing all the software and applications that complement GPS users, that others may find handy.

If useful enough, this may be added to the FAQ thread for future reference.

I'll start with a couple of applications:

Category: PC / Windows USB device ejection:

1. To safely eject / disconnect your Garmin (or other GPS units) when windows complains that the device is locked and cannot safely eject:

--note: TomTom units have their own "Disconnect device" in TomTom home, but this may still be useful in certain cases.

2. Handy USB device ejector (thanks MAV293):

Category: POI editor / translator

1. POI Edit allows you to manage / convert Garmin POI CSV files to TomTom and other formats:

-- - red light cameras do not work

How about Google Maps?

I still use Google Maps to pull Lat/Lon of addresses that aren't in my unit's database.

Agreed. Clearly MapSource


Clearly MapSource needs a place here too.

If you think a software is

If you think a software is useful, please state what it does, how it is useful, and then provide a link to the software (if downloadable).


-- - red light cameras do not work

GPS Babel

Don't forget GPS Babel It converts POI files between several different formats.