naming POI and icon files consistently


For POI Loader(maybe others), the name of POI file and its icons and other resources have to match.
However, I notice that the names of the downloadable resources do not always match even when only one of each is provided. So, I have to examine and rename carefully.

I am grateful for the resources in any case.
However, I am wondering if this arises because there are no published guidelines (best practices) for submitting custom POI resources.

Trying to be more helpful than negative here!



The problem is that there often are multiple icons available (people can choose which ones they like) and there may be several Custom POI files that could potentially use the same icon such AAA California and AAA Entire USA.

Also, a particular user may not prefer the names that the Custom POI file authors have given the files.

User should always, therefore, be advised to check and alter the file names to suit their situation.

I understand that

That's why I was commenting mostly about those that provide only one set of resources: one csv, one bmp, etc.