Any way to get alerts for speed limit changes?


The implementation of speed limits on my Nuvi 755T leaves quite a bit to be desired. It seems to be a visual feature only. You only know if you frequently look at the screen.

I often wish I could enable it to alert me of an upcoming speed limit change just like it would for an upcoming turn. Is there any way to do that?

Telling me when I am over the speed limit is not all the useful or desirable to me.

I also see they are only car speed limits. There should be a truck usage mode that makes it display truck speed limits instead of car speed limits.




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Good Idea

I like the idea but I guess Garmin has never thought to implement it. They seem to change the limits here on the same street and for some reason a cop is often there to enforce that you saw the sign.

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I had a cheap tomtom it had

I had a cheap tomtom it had that feature that warned me if I went over the speed limit (with a sound that I picked I picked a moo from a cow plus on display had a red bar going across my speed) I miss that, it came with GPS was not even a add-on but the Garmin is a better GPS just wished they added that feature

speed limit changes and over-speed warnings

I find it to be just about as important to me to know a speed limit has increased (so I can speed up) as it is to know it has decreased. As for going over it, I usually know that I am if I really know the speed limit and (I am probably the only) I often push it a bit. I would typically not want an over-speed warning unless I could set its threshold to the amount I want over the posted limit.

I have read about but not experimented with POI alerts. It seems a shame the GPS supports those but not for built-in speed limit changes. The roadside equivalent of such an alert is a reduced-speed-ahead sign. However, I have never seen an increased-speed-ahead sign.

It is easy to miss speed-information signs because of things like other vehicles blocking your view or being focused on something else for a few moments.
Even for signs being unreadable because of visibility problems or even being completed covered with ice or snow.

I have expressed my concerns to Garmin too but do not get the feeling anyone really cares. I think it's just a marketing feature box to check off.

It should be bone-head obvious to them that their speed limit feature should have at least all the capabilities of custom POI speed alerts. But, it apparently is not.


It would be handy and nice

It would be handy and nice and Garmin probably doesn't want to be dragged into court with some speeder claiming that he couldn't have been speeding...his Garmin would have told him!!


No Garmin liability

Your point is a good one Visiter555, but if Garmin implemented speed alerts (as TomTom apparently has done on some models), I don't think they would have any greater legal liability for errors in speed data than they do for errors in mapping data. For example, the Garmin might route you the wrong way on a one way street because of a mapping error. If you ignore the street signs and go the wrong way, you will be liable for the traffic violation, not Garmin.

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Garmin Liability...

Or when the GPS unit shows one speed limit on the screen and the actual road has a different one posted, which happens from time to time.

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I have found that the speed limits indicated on my 760 are more often incorrect than correct. Sometimes this is the fault of the programming in the unit but others it's due to changes made by the city or state. It's just not real time data. This may be one reason why Garmin has not made it a prominent feature.