Web Hosting Troubles


We are having some troubles with the web hosting company that provides the old server POI Factory has been running on.

The issue is escalated to their systems administration team, and we are working to fix the troubles. Right now, I don't have an ETA for final resolution.

While the issue is being worked, I have restored a backup of POI Factory from last night. It has posts up to about 3AM Eastern this morning (March 30th).

I will post more information as it becomes available.

Thank you for checking in.


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Well folks --

It seems our little web site has grown to be busier than the hosting company would like, and they’ve placed a hold on POI Factory's regular database.

Funny thing (ha ha) is that I ordered a dedicated server from them on Monday, and they haven't finished setting it up yet. They're a big company, so it's taking a little time to get the right heads talking to each other.

We have some options to get everything back on track. The best is to switch back to our regular database (once the hold is released) and continue with all of our posts intact. The other is to go live with last night’s backup – which will drop all of the activity from this morning.

One way or another, I’ll have basic posting functionality running by tomorrow. Some other non-essential features will be disabled until we're on the new server.

Sorry for the troubles.



Working with a company that has 6 million customers has its good points and its bad points.

On the good side, large companies have resources to deliver a pretty solid product.

On the bad side, they can be distant and bureaucratic -- especially if you're not one of their larger customers.


Can you tell I'm rather frustrated? -- We’ll leave it at that. neutral