Getting POI Loader and gsak towork on Vista


I need help gettinbg POI loader to work with GSAk for loading geocaches into my Nuvi. I have this set up on my laptop with XP but I can not get the path corectly in vista.
Has anyone had this problem. I have tried I think all posibilities. Any help or suggestions will help.


Try compatibility mode on Vista

I was just looking to see what GSAK was and noted on their website that it is supported on "98/ME/2000/XP"

Try right clicking on the executable for GSAK and see if there is a compatibility tab on that page that will allow you to select XP. This is assuming your problem is that you can't get GSAK to run.

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Missing OCX?

It could be a missing OCX library too. You should post the error message you get when trying to run those programs.