Refurbed TomTom One130 - $59.99


Refurbed TomTom One130 - $59.99 at Tiger Direct for those looking for an inexpensive GPS.

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TomTom ONE 130

metricman wrote:

Refurbed TomTom One130 - $59.99 at Tiger Direct for those looking for an inexpensive GPS.

Comments about a little TomTom ONE 130-S...

I have been a Garmin user for a few years, starting with my still working iQue 3600 and most latest a nuvi 765T, which I really like and am very satisfied with.

I recently purchased a refurbished TomTom ONE 130-S for my daughter to go to school. I AM REALLY IMPRESSED!

I have played with both units on my car and can say this little 3.5" unit does 80-90% of what my 765T does. Here is what is missing:

no live services (traffic, weather, gasoline, etc.)
no MP3 player
no Bluetooth
no junction view (but it does have lane guidance)
cannot store routes

The quality of the maps and navigation are great! It has an excellent POI database, allows you to make a map correction right on the unit (like they recently upped the speed limit on the Dallas toll roads to 70MPH (from 60) and I was able to update the map on the fly! And I could share it with others, really easy to do!

It allows the user to make lots of changes, like which POIs to display, change the alert sounds right from the unit, have sound alerts when driving faster than allowed, warn you when near schools, customize the status bar on the bottom to display remaining time, remaining distance current time arrival time, speed and direction. And I do not mean one at a time, but all at the same time! I really wish my 765T could display all this features at once like the TT!

You can have it change the color of your speed to alert you are speeding. Show the map speed next to your speed, and I can keep goin and going! This little ONE has lots of options to customize! I am impressed!

My only complaint was the unit came with maps from March 2008. I was willing to sign up for the $9.95 quarterly uprades, but TomTom told me I had to pay them $90 to upgrade them! $49 to bring the old maps current and $40 for one year of upgrades. Come on TomTom, for $59 + $90 you can buy a brand new one with up to date maps and still have change left over!

Still... if you search the web you can find how to update the maps yourselft! So there you have it, for $59 bucks the ONE 130 ROCKS big time!