My New 855


Bought5 it from Costco Aug 9th for 272.40 (includes shipping) received it at 12:15pm today from UPS.

Opened box and hooked it to my PC used MapSource to xfer my waypoints and special routes from my 750. Dragged and dropped all my custom POIs from the 750 to the 855.
At 13:04pm went online and registered it with Garmin.
Checked MyMaps and started downloading the new 2010.2 map (unit came with 2009)at 13:10pm.
Completede down load at 13:55pm, and started to install it to my PC MapSource and the 855. It was complete at 14:27pm.
So in all the total time from Receiving the 855 and having it UPDATED and ready to run was 2 hours and 13 minutes.

THAT WAS FAST.........

PS That also included dragging and dropping my modified "English Jill" voice files from the 750 to the 855.

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They are fast

I have an 855 too and really like it. Hope you have fun with it.