Friendly's Restaurants - database update



I went across the Border last week and discovered the Friendly's restaurants. Perfect if you have kids.

Today, I d/l the Friendly's POI from POI Factory and found out that the ones I went to were missing. I decided to update the file using all informations from Friendly's web site. Hey! Hey! smile

I merged with the existing database and removed the duplicates. I tried to keep all entries from the original database in case they were verified.

I created 3 files:

1- A GPX file with all information in its right field. That is very cool to manipulate the data afterward.

2- A CSV file formatted the same way as the original database, but I added the city in the POI Name. That is cool when browsing.

3- An OV2 file with the city as well in the POI Name.

I zipped everything and posted the file here:

@ sewisdom:

If you want this new data, feel free to take it. I have no interest in maintaining this POI. It is just my contribution to this site and the goal was to prove I could manipulate the data easily with Extra_POI_Editor.

If you prefer the data in a different form, feel free to ask.

Best regards,