"Zip-coding" site available?


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I had picked up the Sonic Drive In file, both from here and another site, to add to my list of food joints along hiways and byways. On comparison, both the files seem to be similar but that is not the concern here.

I found that there are a total of 772 (out of 3486) entries in the file that was downloaded from POI Factory which do not have the zip codes. Being a on-and-off OCD person, I would lilke to find a way to get those zips without having to type in every single entry into the USPS zip code machine.

Is there a web site that does mass "Zip coding" like what batchgeocode.com does for latlong? If so, would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction and I will update the file and make the final version available. And the preference is, of course, a site that does not require payment for the service.

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You can go here: http://databases.about.com/od/access/a/zipcodedatabase.htm
and download a database in Microsoft Access format. If you don't have Microsoft Access there is a free viewer that you can download which will also let you export the file as a CSV file. I believe the viewer is called mdbview. That is the only way I know of to do it.

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Re: Zipcodes

@Don B

Thanks for the link. I have downloaded the mdb and will look at the contents. As was stated on the site, it is '99 data from the Census Bureau and will be out of date.
Will see whether it is possible to add data that is pulled from all the POI files available in order to update the data.
Appreciate your feedback.