Navigon North America software available now for the iPhone

• 3D views with actual road signs and lane guidance
• Lane Maps
• Speed warnings
• Day & Night Mode for map display.
• Navigation to contacts saved in the iPhone's address book.
• Branded POIs and POIs along the route
• 2D and 3D map view
• Automatic switch between portrait and landscape format
• Intelligent address entry

Garmin 885T

Navigon Lite

The Navigon lite (test) version tracks well with the iPhone 3GS, but the jury is still out for the 3G. I'll have to reactivate the 3G on the ATT network, optimize the file loading as recommended, and take it for another trial spin before I am convinced it works acceptably well to proceed with the full (paid) version.

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May be good, maybe not

Here is the direct link if you have iTunes on your computer:

The early reviews seem to be love it or hate it. Most of the negative reviews discuss trouble getting the GPS to lock on while in the app.

The maps less detail than most standalone GPSr units. This is due to the small screen and to optimize performance.

Apple iPhone apps don't give you a trial period so if you don't like it you are out $70. I would suggest waiting until some more reviews come out by the GPS review sites.

Brent - DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S

I'm waiting for the TomTom

I'm waiting for the TomTom to come out for the iPhone. The TomTom will have a cradle with a separate GPS chip for use in the car, so the complaints regarding the GPS not locking with the Navigon software should be solved.

Garmin 885T

I have it, and i love it. it

I have it, and i love it. it works really great, i like that the maps are built in and it does not rely on 3G, or EDGE. it tracks very well, it recalcs perfectly, i like how it shows your next turn at the next intersection, shows how fast you are going, eta, and how many miles till your there. you can add a stop along the way of a route. you can change the profile of the trip your making, choosing different driving methods. the poi's are great and thats built in, i like how you can see the branded stores. best of all i didnt pay for it.

Navigon US Lite (free)

The free Lite version of the Navigon US program (no longer available on iTunes) is crippled and does not employ the GPS sensor. It will simulate a route, and will search for POI's. But it will run on even the first iPhone which does not have GPS. So the free Lite version adds US/Canada maps, plus POI's, to an iPhone, at the cost of about 2GB of storage. I find it to be a great addition.

The complete US version is now available on iTunes for $69. On Aug 15, the price goes up to $129. This program requires GPS in the iPhone. Other than the power draw, it is a pretty useful program. One needs their mounting bracket.

Works well on the 3GS ...

I decided to purchase the full version. It works acceptably well, with the caveats mentioned in reviews published elsewhere.

While there is no announcement of street names or the ability to supplement poi's available at this time, the navigation is as good as or exceeds entry level GPS navigation. The user interface is intuitive - manual not required. I especially like the ability to select a location from the contact list - no different than preparing a list of favorites in advance for a trip. Favorites may be stored as well, and address entry is simple.

I found numbers of displayable junction views while traveling in the south Bay area. The junction views also appear in route simulations.

One issue I found is that the "target" address is always on the left as you arrive. Maybe this will be fixed in subsequent updates.

Some issues ... not show stoppers

I documented errors routing to incorrect locations, and found a problem with navigating to items in the contacts folder (had to enter my address manually - street not found when accessing via the contact list). Navigon has been responsive but so far does not understand the routing issues, as their response was a "cookbook" answer to unrelated issues. If the issue is escalated beyond the "help desk" (oxymoron), I believe it can be resolved.

The destination must be manually verified on the map prior to the start of the routing to ensure you get to the correct location. ... and so far, only a small number of destinations in north Scottsdale were invalid.

Otherwise the product is a good addition to the iPhone.

Gave up on it

Kept finding more issues!

NAVIGON support is ineffective - kept reading instructions for the product line from a cookbook. Guess they didn't get the word there is an iPhone product.

Apple graciously granted a refund.

New release 1.2 --same old ....

New release has corrected navigation to a specific address (previously failed to geocode properly).

Navigating from contact list is completely trashed now.

.....same old ....